How To Film Your Golf Swing

When you film your golf swing, it helps to know what you need to be looking at to get the best feedback. When I was trained as a golf fitness instructor, the guys at TPI taught me how to film the golf swing for myself and my clients. 

Maybe you've never tried to film your golf swing before, but I promise it's easy, especially will almost all smart phones having a camera these days. To film your golf swing, you don't have to use a high-speed camera or something as fancy as the Golf Channel utilizes to film the pros on TV. Be warned, however, that an iPhone or iPad camera isn't really designed to capture something as fast as a golf club being swung, but it does a decent job. A DSLR camera does a better job, but both it and the phone cameras are going to show a little blur in the club when you pause the video. Just know that's normal when you try to film your golf swing.

You can learn a lot when you film your golf swing, and you may even save yourself some money by not having to go get a golf lesson as often, but you have to know what you're looking at. There are a ton of things you can notice when you film your golf swing, but today I'm just going to talk about how to see if you're getting into "The Slot" on your downswing. This "slot", or power position, is the place when you are attacking the golf ball from the inside and it ensures you can deliver the clubface to the ball squarely and with power. It also keeps you from coming over the top and hitting weak shots. So let's talk about how to film your golf swing and check to see if you are coming over the top or finding the slot on your downswing.

        • The first thing you want to do is film your golf swing. I mentioned a few camera options, but whatever you choose, make sure you have someone filming it for you. You can do it yourself and use a tripod, too, but I just want you to be sure you get your full swing in the video.

        • Set the middle of the camera up in line with your hands (at address) in the "down-the-line" view.

        • Be sure the camera is set up far enough back to get your full swing on the video. You should have a bout an inch (at least) below your feet and above your head.

        • There are a number of golf swing analyzing videos on the market, and I'm not going to get into all of them today, but there are apps for the computer and the phone. These apps comes with line that allow you to draw on the screen and really see if you are getting into the proper positions in the golf swing. If you don't want to spend any cash, please don't. You can use string or a piece of paper to see the lines without spending a dime. They just won't be permanent.

        • After you film your golf swing (I should mention you can do this anywhere: indoors, outdoors, in a simulator, etc. but it works best when you hit an actual golf ball), get it uploaded to your computer or view it on your phone. First, take notice of your setup. Draw a line along the original shaft plane at address all the way through your body. (SEE PICS BELOW)

        • Next, move the video forward until your humerus (the bone between your elbow and shoulder) is parallel to the ground and draw another line along the shaft. This is now "The Slot". Your hands and club need to travel into this area on the downswing. If they don't, you're hands are initiating the downswing and you're going to come over-the-top of the golf ball. (SEE PICS BELOW)

        •  Move the video forward and see if your hands and club enter the slot. If they do, you will stand a much better chance of hitting the ball square and straight. (SEE PICS BELOW)

        •  Chances are, you're going to see yourself moving your hands forward and swinging at the ball too over-the-top or steep. To eliminate this move, you have to get in sequence. Think about "finishing your backswing" first, so that you give yourself enough to time to get to the top before you begin your downswing. Next, follow the following sequence to swing the club properly:

If you can begin your downswing by the turning of your hips to the left and think about swinging from the ground up, you're going to stand a much better chance of letting the club drop into the slot and hit more solid, straight golf shots.


Caleb Walker Slot 1.jpg
Caleb Walker Slot 2.jpg
Caleb Walker Slot 3.png