A Great Way To Grip The Club

A good grip is one of the most important aspects of a golfer’s game and the key to proper fundamentals, mainly because of all the things that go right with a good grip and all the things that go wrong with a bad grip. Tom Watson called the grip “the most important fundamental in golf”. 

A great way to grip the club and get a solid hold is to grip the club out in front of you. When you do this, whether you’re holding an iron or a wood, point the toe straight up, make sure it’s square to your target and take your normal grip. Keep the club parallel to the ground by aiming the bottom edge of the clubhead, not the top of the clubhead. 

For righties, always grip the club first with your left hand. Grasp the club along the base of your fingers, not the palm. This will ensure proper wrist cock and freedom in your swing. You should be able to see 2 and a half knuckles when you look down at your left hand. If you only see 2, you may hit the ball more right than usual. 3 knuckles and you may hook too much. 2 1/2 knuckles is a good fundamental start. Your left thumb should run down the right-center of the shaft with little to no bend. From here, place your right hand on the club, also in the fingers, and you have the freedom to either interlock your pinkie and index finger or overlap your right pinkie over your left index finger. Your left thumb will fit snugly into the palm of the right hand under the padding of the thumb. 

Your thumbs and index fingers on both hands will form a solid “V” shape. These Vs should remain parallel to each other. They should both point somewhere between your chin and right shoulder. If your left V is in a good place, but your right V is pointing way outside your shoulder, they are not parallel and your grip is too strong. An overactive right hand will lead to too much hand action and a probable hook. Line these Vs up for proper aim. 

Grip the club this way out in front of you with the toe pointing up and then lower the club to the ground. It should be much easier to aim the face at the target and hit balls with a fundamentally strong, solid grip.